My name is Thomas Fahey and I am an American photographer and videographer based in Atlanta, Georgia.  My work takes me all over the globe. I specialize in finding solutions for and working closely with corporations shooting catalog, branding and advertising.  Working with people is my passion although my work takes me into travel, food, editorial and many other areas.  I tell stories.  The story may be a simple one but it often takes a village and I love building production drivetrains that custom fit client needs.

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Scandinavia, Britain, Italy or Spain – my travels take me all around this earth.  Join me and my international friends for a unique small group experience as I lead photographic workshops for everyone.  We will enjoy the food, culture, people and landscapes of various locales as our expedition takes us on unforgettable journeys. Join me and we will garner lifelong experiences that you will treasure forever.  Semper Carpe Diem .

“There is a World Elsewhere”  – Shakespeare