I'm an Irish - American visual communicator.  

I like dogs.  I believe in their inherent goodness.  I believe in what they teach us.  I like people.  I like them a lot.  I believe in creative partnerships that express powerful messages.  I believe we all benefit from the relevant exchange of ideas.  My language of choice is Visual.

Im an American photographer.  My photography takes me all over the world though my home is in Atlanta Georgia.  I consider myself to be a visual interpreter of client needs;  whether its branding for a corporate campaign, editorial or catalog.  I work hard to bring ideas to life and sharing vision in order for people to respond.  I see the world as a visually compelling place.  My goal is to communicate through stimulating imagery.

My mission is to completely satisfy and go beyond my client needs.  My goal is to express the mysteries of the human experience in stunning ways.  I promote the interests of my clients in all ways of commerce in order to help shape the fabric and texture of our times, and into the future.