A strong visual identity is essential for standing out from the crowd. As a photographer specializing in crafting powerful visuals that elevate brand awareness, strengthen market presence, and drive growth I go beyond capturing images; I collaborate with my client partners to tell unique stories, connect with target audiences, and leave a lasting impression that translates into increased market share and brand loyalty.  My business is increasing your business.

I started communicating visually as a photojournalist.  I quickly discovered that I had an approach and connection to people as an editorial and portrait photographer more than as a news photographer.  My next chapter was to apply my production and people and photography skills to corporate apparel campaigns as a freelancer under Thomas Fahey Photography, Inc.  These relationships helped build my career and in return I helped create business, capture market share and raise the company profile nationally and internationally by setting consistent visual brands and creating compelling and strategic marketing imagery.  I pride myself in becoming a creative partner and I focus on the needs of the corporation – that’s why my business relationships have lasted as long as 25 years for one client.  When I commit to a business relationship I’m in for 100% and consider the success of our goals as my priority!